When we started our water wall a few weeks ago, I saved the cut-off bottom pieces of the water bottles.  Over the last couple of days, I filled those up with water and some food coloring and froze them, and today we had colored ice "flowers" to play with outside in the warm sunshine!
We plopped them out in the sandbox and the kids came up with all kinds of ideas of fun things to do with them.
They scooped them up with shovels,
...they buried them in the sand and then dug them up again to see if they had melted yet,
...and even used them as beautiful sand castle toppers!
    I found these fun squishy balls in the dollar bins at Target a while ago and have been waiting for the perfect day to use them for a little "splat painting!"
It was hot enough early this morning that we could just get right into our swimming suits and not worry about getting messy!  So, I got out some paints and the kids dipped the balls into the colors,
  ...and started throwing them at our paper!  Splat!
It took a little cooperation to get in the rhythm of dipping and throwing without hitting a friend with a splat ball, but everyone was so excited that they didn't even mind if they accidentally got painted!
We had lots of fun getting a great large-motor workout,
...made some really cool artwork,
...and got good and messy!
And, when we were done getting messy, we were all ready to go clean up in the swimming pools!
    We worked hard today! :)
    We did a few fun projects to prepare for Father's Day last week.  On Wednesday, we used liquid water colors and droppers to mix our own unique colors.
We then dropped the colors onto some shaving cream, and pressed papers down on top of it all to make marbled art that we would later use in our Father's Day cards.
    On Thursday, we finished our cards by gluing our marbled artwork over the letter "D-A-D" cut-outs and cutting and gluing in a poem, and then writing our names.
Once the cards were done, we got to work making the gifts...sugar cookies! We had lots of fun taking turns measuring, counting, and pouring in the ingredients.  We made our cookies in the shape of the letters D-A-D and then the kids got to use lots of bright colored icing to decorate them.
I hope you all had as much fun on Father's Day as we had preparing for it! :)
    Today we used our fine-motor, pincher skills, experimented with mixing colors, and made a chemical reaction over and over again by mixing a solid and a liquid to make a gas..... we mixed baking soda & vinegar and had lots of fun doing it!

"Look! It's a river!" :)
    We pulled out one of our old favorites today -- Oobleck!  Otherwise known as cornstarch mixed with water, oobleck is really fun to feel and play with because of its unique state of matter.  Since it has properties of both a solid and a liquid at the same time, it will drip and run through your fingers if you let it relax, yet form a hard, solid surface when you squeeze it!  And the next best part is that even though it provides tons of good, messy, gooey fun, as soon as you let it dry, it all just brushes right off!

 We have had so much fun building our new "water wall" this week!  With just a few plastic bottles, the fence, and some colored water, we put together a fun "wall" to explore and experiment with.  The kids have already had hours of fun with the few bottles we have up and I plan to keep building and adding to it throughout the summer.
The beginning of our work-in-progress water wall.
Today we added a pinwheel, some funnels, and some clear hose and had all new fun!