Here is our first Halloween craft for the year - TP roll mummies!  I absolutely loved this craft because it didn't matter if they were an add one-and-done kind of kid, or a more and more and more kind of kid; a neat and careful, or a scruncher; a quick crafter, or a slow one, they all turned out great!  The differences make them look even cuter all side by side.  We just used tp rolls, strips of white tissue paper, some white yarn if they wanted, and some wiggle eyes.  A fun way to get in the mood for Halloween! 
    We also added a couple more songs into our rotation today.  Here is one of their favorites:
    THE WITCH HAS AN ITCH  (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)
    The witch has an itch, the witch has an itch.
    Oh where, oh where, oh where does the witch have an itch?
    On her tiny little _________ (fill in with things like toe, nose, knee, etc.), her tiny little _________, 
    The witch has an itch on her tiny little _________.

They also really liked:
    I saw a ghost             (circle your fingers around eyes)
    He saw me too          (point to yourself)
    I waved at him           (wave your hand)
    But he said, "Boo!"      (try to scare the person next to you!)

What a beautiful day it is outside!  We got to take advantage of our beautiful fall weather by playing a fun game using only sidewalk chalk and our endless energy! :)  We also got to work on recognizing circles, and some of our colors.  The object of this game is to pick one of the colors, and jump all the way to the other side, stepping only on that color. There was also some time for making a few beautiful sidewalk chalk pictures!
    When we went back to it in the afternoon, the game also evolved into the kids drawing their own circles, a game of hopscotch, and lots more drawing!

This week we made and played with our own "Rainbow Rice!"  I first saw the idea on my new favorite - Pinterest, through Share & Remember.  I started out with a 25 lb. bag of rice, and some food coloring.  I had found two different methods of dying the rice - one using vinegar and the other rubbing alcohol.  I opted for the vinegar since I thought it sounded a little bit more kid-friendly (though after a few days of playing with it, it does still smell like vinegar).  If you would like to make some rainbow rice at home, just mix 1 cup of rice (we did about 4 cups of each color, and that used about 1/2 of the 25lb. bag) to 1-2 Tbsp of vinegar mixed with a few drops of food coloring.  The more food coloring you use, the brighter the colors will be.  The kids had lots of fun squeezing and mixing the different colors into the rice in bags.  Once it dried, it was just so pretty to look at, and even more fun to play in! :)  We added some scoops, at the kids' request, and scooped, and poured, and even made shakers for quite a while!  Next week, we are going to find some treasures to include in a bottle of this rice to make our own "I Spy" bottles!

Update:  Here is what our "I Spy" bottles looked like.  The kids are having lots of fun with them!

We added a new game today, that the kids seemed to really enjoy.  Just cardstock paper and craft foam cut into squares.  I layed the foam squares out onto the paper in varoius shapes, and then traced around them with a permanent marker.  The older kids really liked making the squares fit inside the shapes, and the littler ones just liked playing with the foam for now. :)  Since some of them are getting so good with their letter recognition, they really enjoyed the shapes that looked like letters, which was a nice bonus.  A great pre-math exercise, and a good quiet game to have on hand, too!