It's not very often around here that we play with something that leaves the area cleaner than when we started!
Today we learned and experimented with bubbles!  I got out a few bowls of soapy water and some straws with holes poked near the top (to help prevent the soap from going all the way UP the straw and into mouths!), and we got to work blowing bubbles.  We learned that you have to blow soft and slow to make BIG bubbles, 
...and blow fast and hard to make LOTS of little bubbles.
We learned that if your hand is dry, it will pop your bubbles (aka, breaking the surface tension), but if it is wet, you can put it (and just about anything else!) INSIDE your bubbles!  
And since the letter list that we're working on right now is the letter B, we got out our Bugs to Blow Bubbles around and came up with lots of relevant words to add to our list today!
Preschool bubbles
    Today we tried out lots of different ways to make bubbles!  We had a big bucket of bubble solution and had fun blowing bubbles until it was almost all gone!  We used the traditional bubble wands that come with bubble bottles,

...we really gave those fine-motor hand muscles a work-out by making our own bubble wands with fuzzy sticks (pipe cleaners).
We used straws and string to make giant bubbles,
...and we used cut off plastic bottles with nylon pieces rubberbanded to the end to make lots and lots of little bubbles...bubble snakes!
The kids really had fun stomping those "snakes" after they fell to the ground!