We started a fun project this morning involving old magazines and a rainbow.  I had the kids flip through some magazines and find the colors of the rainbow.  Instead of scissors today, if they found a patch of red, orange, yellow, etc., they just ripped it out.  Scissors can be very tricky for little hands to maneuver when trying to get something specific cut out and ripping still provides great fine motor practice, and it's a lot of fun, too! :)
    Once they had a few pieces ripped out, they could take them over to our big piece of paper on the wall, and add their piece to what would eventually become our rainbow.  It was fun to hear them notice and categorize which colors they were more commonly finding.  They noticed that the green had the most, closely followed by blue.  And when all of the other colors had been better represented than the one or two little scraps of orange, a few of them set out to help orange catch up. :)
    I told the kids this morning that this can be a continuing project for at least the rest of the week, if they are interested.  The sun shining outside this morning was too tempting for our work inside to go on for too long, so here is what we got finished before heading outside.  I am hoping they will want to come back and add more to it throughout the week, but considering this paper is almost 5 feet long, I'd say that's pretty good for one sitting!  :)
And here is how it ended up after a few more days of work! :)


04/03/2012 20:30

What a neat looking rainbow collage!!


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