I took inspiration from Denita at Play Counts and we made a new batch of slime in preparation for Halloween!  We made this batch black, and added to it some wiggle eyes and creepy crawly bugs!  Eventually we added some cups that the kids used to drape the slime over and make monsters!
     Today we did a simple finger-painting activity (which usually turns into an "up-to-the-elbows" painting activity for at least a few of the kids!) to make some beautiful fall trees!  We first talked about how our trees have been changing, and I had the kids tell me which colors they have seen on the trees.  Using those colors, they then painted their tree-tops and we stuck those into the cardboard tube trunks.
Preschool finger painting fall trees
Our beautiful fall forest!
    Most days I try to set out something in our environment that is new for the day and invites the kids to explore it as a self-led activity.  Today's invitation to play was a tub full of fuzzy craft pom-poms, some varying sized ice cube trays, and a jar of tweezers and clothespins.
    The kids really enjoyed this one and as you can see, as soon as it was discovered, they all gathered in close to check it out!  Right away they started doing what I had planned for them to do with these materials (which is not always the case!), and used the tweezers and clothespins to pinch the pom-poms and drop them into the compartments of the trays.
    The tools they were using are great for developing their fine motor skills, and they even worked in a bit of patterning, which is a pre-math skill, as well as pre-reading.  And the kids kept coming back to the tub to play some more throughout the day, so this will have to be a new one to add into our rotation!
Preschool color wheel
    The kids and I have had so much fun with our color wheel project over the past several weeks!  As we wrap it up this week, I had the kids help me sort out some purple objects to fill in the last section of the big color wheel.  They also each got to make their own color wheel to take home with them.  We started the individual color wheels out with a few dabs of paint for them to spread and mix together.

My favorite part was hearing the kids announce what was happening as they mixed the secondary colors, "I mixed blue and red and I made purple!"  :) Once the kids had finished painting, I set out a bowl of small colorful items for them to sort into each section of their color wheel.
    Since adding objects to our big color wheel has been an exciting part of our day for so many weeks, they are very excited to have their very own color wheels to take home with them!




    On Monday we used some paper cutouts of fall objects, like leaves and apples, to make some fun paint prints!
Most of the kids had so much fun painting that the shapes ended up under several more layers of color, but we had fun with the process! :)
    We have been having a lot of fun with the color green this week, including a couple of different ways to see how we can make green.  First, we started with a tub of blue and a tub of yellow water beads, and the kids mixed some of each together for us to observe.  Since the water beads absorb and release moisture, they all exchanged their colors and we ended up with a bowl of green water beads!
    Today, we played with some big clear bags of paint.  Each bag had both blue and yellow paint inside, so as the kids drew and wrote with their fingers on the bags, they mixed the two colors together to make green!